About GigXero

Who are we?

We are the future of bandwidth and communications in buildings. A culture of highly driven network technologists with an intense focus on transforming buildings, properties and entire communities with faster, more secure and more reliable internet. We have revolutionized rapid deployment gigabit and multi-gigabit internet networks using our custom approach and GigX(TM) cloud network technologies delivering the ultimate internet experience to innovators, scholars, professionals and today’s tech communities within properties. We Are The Next Generation Network. Only from GigXero!

Real Estate Owners / Property Managers

Connectivity is an essential requirement in environments where we live, work and play. GigXero offers a next-generation solution for the #1 amenity requested by millennials: high-speed, gigabit internet access. GigXero’s whole building network solution balances the needs of both building owners and tenants by combining reliability, flexibility, and unmatched internet speeds while increasing ownership NOI.

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